Sunday, May 4, 2014

If The Shoe Fits...Run 5k!

May the 4th be with you!  To be honest, I'm a little sad I didn't think to get into a virtual race for the day!  Some of the medals out there are pretty sweet!  but that's not why I'm here today!

I have been a busy bee with my working out over the last week!  After busting out W1D1 of my C25K training, I danced and then did W1D2, and then I did a decent chunk of time on the elliptical and on the same day ran .75 miles straight without stopping!  Yesterday I did a short 1.4 mile walk just to get it in for Mileage May but my shins are barking worse than sore feet.  So I took it easy.  And then... today happened.

I was feeling the itch of "I'm sitting here playing WoW all morning, I really should go do a workout."  But I managed to talk myself out of it for 2 more achievements...  Then it came back.  So I decided since I was pretty lax yesterday, I'd bust out W1D3 of my training.  Then I had the even BETTER idea to just extend it a bit further to knock out one of my virtual 5ks!  2 for 1!

So I jump on the treadmill to avoid the 99 degree weather.  My shins are instantly screaming.  I feel like it's my stride and intensity of my brisk walk that's making it worse... I could be making that all up as well!  But it hurts worse when I walk, not jog.  It took 2 of my 3.1 miles for the pain to dissipate...  #annoyed!  I'm looking up some ways to help relieve the tightness in that muscle because it's just driving me nuts, but massage seems to be the best answer.  We'll see how helpful it really is.

On to the results!  *drumroll please!*

I have a new PR!  I have blown my old one out of the water and I am more than excited!!!

I actually jogged the last 3 mins of my C25K session and then walked from 2.3 to 2.85 miles and then actually ran the last .25 miles!  I am super proud of me for finishing (as I'm still not feeling terribly well.  Think the running is actually a part of why my stomach has been upset) and I'm even more proud that I pushed myself to get up and get active on my lazy day :)

Here's my progress since I started my walking/jogging last year!  I've come a long way and I'm excited to add to this list to make it longer and longer!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and if you raced, I know you did awesome because that's just a given when you get out and get active!!!