Friday, October 18, 2013

Walkin' a Ton!

Wow what a week it's been!!!!  I started off my week with the AMAZING experience of a 5k walk for breast cancer.  What an awesome kickstart to my dietbet and my dedication is back on track!!!

I'm down to my last 3 classes in school. FOREVER!  I can't wait to have that stress completely off my shoulders.  It'll free up a ton of time for me to focus on me and my cooking. :D

I managed to squeeze in 3 more walks this week as well as one day on my elliptical.  What better use of my time than to walk while I wait for the boyfriend to get off of work?!  And tonight, I walked our apt complex in circles to get in 3.16 miles.  Boy am I beat!  And as my uncle so kindly pointed out, my paths look like I'm drunk, but really, I'm just going where my feet take me!

I also bought myself a new pair of kicks!  Man!  Running shoes make a WORLD of different.  I own a nice pair of New Balance shoes but they're not specific for running.  So I managed to find this sweeeeeeeeet pair of shoes for $40!  SOLD!  My walk tonight was 100% better than the 5k I did on Sunday.

I'm super proud of myself and can't wait for my date with Zach tomorrow.  We're gonna go on a walk together.  I'm shooting for at least another 3 miles. :)  No weigh ins yet for my diet bet.  I'm gonna wait until Sunday for my first weekly weigh in but I've been very conscious of what I'm eating and what I'm eliminating from my diet.  Here's to a great weekend and hopefully another great week!

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