Sunday, December 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up! November and December!

Well it's not QUITE 2014 but since I had the spare time I figured I'd pick back up on my blogging.  A TON has happened in the last month and a half and with finals and graduation, I just didn't have the time to even think about blogger even existing!  So here we go!

At the end of November, Zach and I walked the Ugly Sweater Run 5k with a bunch of friends.  It was REALLY cold and overcast all day but we had a blast.  We ended up going out to lunch afterwards and then everyone went their separate ways, but those few hours together meant a lot.  It was such an awesome experience to have a lot of love and support there.  Two of our friends, Sean and Lisa, actually run 5k's and half marathons, so they ran and waited for us at the finish line which was pretty cool too.  They joined back up with us and went across the finish line again.  Here are some pictures from that:

 Working on our Ugly Sweaters!
 Zach actually decorated his own!

 Mine, front and back

 Here's the group! Left to Right: Lisa, Sean, Zach, Me, Amy, Hada, and Scott right up front.

 Getting toasty by the fire!  So many photo op's here!
Amy and Hada had headbands on so they pinned their hats on their back like bunny tails!

 The starting line with some random guy who shorted out the whole system.  The inflatable start line even started to deflate!  Good thing they got it back up and running quickly!

 Another photo op that caused a traffic jam.
 My tree in action! *sporting my Active Accessories Pouch that I LOVE!*
 At this photo op, they even had a snow blower for the pictures!
 Finish line pics!
Lisa and Sean had finished the race like 30 mins before this shot so I made them take the picture of us : /  Wish we had gotten them in here too!

Now on to why I've been such a slacker!  My college graduation!  It's been 7 years of ups, downs, and everything else but I finally made it!!!  Finals and the looming senioritis are what benched my time for blogging.  Here are a few graduation pics :)

 I was the last to walk the stage for my College (Criminology and Criminal Justice)
 Family above and my friends who came below :)

Zach and I :)

Now that we have that out of the way!  The last thought I have to share is that I had to take a step back from all my crazy walking.  I was trying to walk minimum 3 miles a day 3-5 times a week if I could.  Well that backfired horribly around the end of November.  I developed severe hip pains that I just could not stretch out.  So I took a few weeks to let the flare die down.  I've now started walking with my bestie Amy at work!  We walk during our first 15 min break and then we walk during our 30 min lunch as well.  We're currently averaging just less than 2 miles a day between both walks :)  It's not quite enough but it's a start back into the walking world.  I'm looking forward to doing more 5k's but I think I'll be walking them for quite some time until I can get a handle on this hip situation. : /

 Amy and I rocking out in our Ugly Sweaters at Work!!!

Well I think that's the short and sweet of it.  In the next few days I'll be jumping back into the regular swing of things to kickstart 2014 off right.  I'll tally how much money I earned in 2013 with my money jar (which I used to buy a Fitbit Force!!!)  And I'll get cracking on Jan 1st goals and look back at my letter to myself from last January!  Hope everyone had a great year!  Mine wasn't AS productive as I wanted it to be, but I was still active for at least a 1/3 of the year! :)

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