Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fake Monday

Well, as per any holiday weekend... there was tons of family and too much food.  I might have eaten more than I should have but I was careful some of the time.  Then back to reality today. (or rather yesterday considering the time...)

I did however make my Sausage and Peppers for dinner which was a nice healthy alternative to the eating out we did all weekend.

Did my arms workout tonight.  I've actually been stiff since last monday's arm workout and I'm not quite sure why.  I've done lots of stretching and rotating...  Let's hope this week the muscle recuperates a little better.  : /

30 mins of arms mainly focusing on my triceps, back muscles, and chest muscles to help with push-ups down the line.  Followed up with 15 mins of interval cardio on a very interesting elliptical machine.  It allows you to do a stair master movement or a normal elliptical movement.  Takes a bit of getting used to but I really like the muscle groups it works out.  :)

Working out with friends and family is going well so far.  I'm able to spew out my knowledge of working out and what helps or harms.  It almost makes me sound smart!  almost... :P  It is nice to be able to share the information and help others get better at their healthy journeys too!

Hope everyone that stumbles on this had a great weekend!  Time to kick some major week butt now!  Get up and moving!!

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