Thursday, September 19, 2013

What am I thinking??

I'm not a runner, I've never really tried to pick it up.  My knees are just too messed up to think about it.  BUT my good ol' buddy who lives in Utah decided he wanted to come down for a visit in November.  While he's here, he decided it would be a lovely idea to run a 5k....

What does that mean for me?  Means I'm running a 5k.... O.o  oh boy here we go...!  I haven't had the time to do ANY training....  With work and school I barely have time to cook dinner every day.  Gonna try to get in a jog or two a week... maybe a walk instead.... who knows!

So we'll be participating in the Run For Your Life 5k on Nov. 2nd.  As unprepared as I am, I think I'm pretty excited about it.  They give you the choice of running or playing a zombie.  While I'd love to be a zombie, my buddy went for a runner pass, so run I shall.  Since I don't get to dress as a zombie, I decided to get a costume to feel cool too!  I went with Alice from Resident Evil!

Got the dress from a cosplay site and I got some SWEET boots to go with it.  (I'll be in tennies for the running but I'll wear the boots for halloween and the afterparty for the 5k)  Think I'm more excited about the outfit than the 5k, but it should be a great time!

Here's to any training I can get done! 

And I wanted to give a shout out to my awesome sister in law who just finished a 5k recently!  I'm so proud of her and all she's accomplished!  It's fun to follow people's journeys and 5k's seem to be the hot thing these days!


  1. Yay! I made it to the "Nish" line! I still think you should go Lara Croft. I like the guns on the legs

  2. guns on legs are hot, i'm thinking about wearing some too

  3. Yea running is I pain in the ass/knees/back/feet/most other moving parts. But if you start with a heavy regiment of joint supplement (i.e. glucosamine/chondroitin), and potassium you'll be a lil more comfortable. Good luck!