Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear Me 2015

Last year one of the first things the Sisterhood had us do was write a letter to ourselves to read at the beginning of the next year.  I have to say I've been pretty scared to go back and read mine because I know that most of it didn't actually come true.  I was worried that I would be discouraged and disappointed in myself.  Well, it's now Feb 1st and it's been too long.  I needed to read my letter and write another for 2015.

I must say that my anticipation of bad feelings kind of took all the feelings away while reading the letter.  I DID graduate from ASU and I have been slowly keeping up with my recipe blog.  But as for everything else, none of it happened.  But that's ok.  To steal from a very wise person (that's me!)... Our favorite saying to live by:  No Regrets.  After another year, it still holds true and we just learn from our experiences.

I wouldn't give up anything I learned or lived through in 2013 but it just wasn't my year.  This year I feel I have a much better handle on things.  THIS is my year. 2015 will be the year I read this new letter and I can beam with pride that things came true!  On to my letter!

Dear Me,

Life is funny sometimes with the curveballs that get thrown.  There are road blocks and pot holes.  But with each passing one, you become stronger.  2014 was the year for you.

Friendships were made, some were lost.  Bonds with family were made stronger and some were torn a little farther apart.  With each relationship change, you have grown a thicker skin while keeping the soft, caring interior that draws you to others.  Everything happens for a reason and the people in your life right now are meant to be there.

When it comes to weight, 2014 was the year to not put a number on things.  Hopefully you've managed to keep off the 10% and then some!  As long as you're at a healthy weight, why put a number on it?  If anything, you're totally rockin' a toned and hot bod!

As of now, there are no plans to leave Express Scripts.  You should be an awesome Pharmacy Tech by now, making AT LEAST $14 an hour.  If this isn't true, then that means you got a REAL job and that's awesome too!  The main goal monetarily in 2014 is to reduce debt so you better have those credit cards paid off and have a good chunk of money in savings!

I know you've had an amazing year with lessons, fun, and trials.  You are better for it and it builds who you are.  Who you become every day.  You're amazing whether goals were met or not because you are trying.  You didn't give up on yourself.  You inspire me to be a better person.

Love, Me


  1. Wow, I read your original letter from last year, and this one that you just wrote. Amazing. You have come very far! I won't lie, I teared up a little too. I look forward to reading your blogs, and keeping up with you :)

  2. Thanks Becka :) That means a lot to me. I have struggled with myself and my goals. But one step at a time.... Thanks for following!