Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 11, 2014: Dear Me

**Insert AFTER picture here**

Dear Me,

Well, it's 2014.  Another year has gone too quickly.  There have been tears, laughs, memories, and tons of pics!  I am so proud of what we've become and how we've changed.

I can't believe we stuck with our workouts and lost those 45 looming pounds!  It was tough in the beginning but week after week, it became habit and even more surprising it became fun!  After we lost those pounds, I'm super glad we moved on to get toned!  Hello closet of skinny clothes!

My food blog is totally blooming with tooooooooons of new recipes!  (some super healthy, some not so much)  I am glad that people have started to view it even more!  Cooking has really blown up in the kitchen and our knowledge of different techniques have blown up this year in preparation for Le Cordon Bleu!  (Which we just got accepted to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can't believe that we're finally done with ASU.   We finally achieved that bachelor's degree.  Took 7 years, but it's done and worth it.  And the whole family is proud of you, not just me!!! 

As for vacations, trips, fun times, and everything else.  First off, Vegas in March will stay in my brain, but man....  Happy birthday to Liz!  Glad we got the body all worked out to show off that summer on the beach in Cali while Zach and I were visiting David and Nessa!

It's been tough, there have been more tears than necessary (but hey, those endorphins help sometimes).  It's all been worth it.  Our favorite saying to live by:  No Regrets.  After another year, it still holds true and we just learn from our experiences.  We made it!  2014!