Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food Break on the Diet.

Oh my goodness I blew my healthy eating for a night!  I've been doin' good with my workouts and my meals but I was craving some good ol' Mexican food!  Who can blame me?!?! not me.  My tummy's happy and I ended up eating half of it so it wasn't a terrible crack in my nutrition!
Chipotle Beef Chimis with my bean dip!

I'm gonna have to do a few extra jumping jacks, but hey, if you can't enjoy fried food every once in a while..... what's the point of living???

Hope everyone's weekend is going great!  I'll be in the process of merging my blogs here pretty soon so I can stop linking different links!  I'm kind of excited to join the ranks of "real" bloggers!  Wish me luck!

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