Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy Bee.

I have been slacking on my motivational postings! Eek!  It's been a super busy week with school and homework.

I've been slacking just a tad.... But I've still been working out every day this week.  I've been doing at least 30 mins on my mini elliptical every day.  It's not Jillian, but man it still breaks a good sweat!  It's also my favorite way to watch netflix :)

I've been doing great with my daily calories all week!  I'm a tad worried that my headaches and upset stomach are from a drastic nutritional change.  It's a learning process with my body I guess.

Today was grocery shopping day!  Half our groceries were veggies!  So awesome! I'm excited about all the food in my fridge!!! yay!  Hope everyone else is out there workin' off the pounds and eatin' real healthy!

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