Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday! Almost There!

So I recently took the leap and subscribed to hulu plus just so I could watch The Biggest Loser like everyone else in the country.  I must confess, I've NEVER seen an episode before.  This season started out heart wrenching but the inspiration is literally dripping from the screen.  It's going to be interesting to see how the show changes me as a person.

I must confess, I stopped doing the Fab Abs because 4-5 days a week I do the 30 day shred and man does Jillian work those abs.  It got to the point where I couldn't even hold myself up for more than 15 seconds from the awful tearing feeling of muscles not getting enough protein to help repair and get them stronger.  But that being said, I'm proud that I'm sticking to the 30 day shred no matter how tough it is for me every day.

My New Balance shoes finally came in the mail today!  I'm stooooooooked!  Now I have the proper footwear to run and other workouts that require tennis shoes!
Tomorrow I'm taking my bike out to see how long it will take me to bike to school 3 days a week starting next week.  It's 3.9 miles and I'm hoping to shoot for 20-25 mins.  We shall see but the biking isn't an option, I can't afford a parking permit. :)  Just more motivation right??

The week is almost over and I hope everyone is striving to do their personal best, pushing themselves hard, and stickin' to it!  Mindset is the only thing holding you back, not your body. :)

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