Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rough week.

It seems that day by day, the motivation seems to wane for the Chunky Monkeys.  I'm doing my best to motivate myself and my partner but life keeps throwing punches and hitting both of us in soft spots.  Last couple of days I've been feeling under the weather in one way or another.  I had to pull myself out of bed at 7 this morning for a test in Biology and I had every intent of going back to bed as soon as I got home.  I was really feeling yucky.  Instead, I found the motivation somewhere to clean my kitchen (hasn't been cleaned in 2 days and considering how small, that's saying something), I did 30 mins on my elliptical machine, and I made my lunch instead of just resorting to a can of soup (the healthy yummy kind, but still lazy soup).

 It's been reorganized since these pics, but still tiny tiny!

The Sisterhood put up a motivational post today to help remind us what we're working towards.  I really can't express how needed it was and how nice it is to hear.  We need to stick to it no matter the road bumps we hit!

Tomorrow is weigh in day and to be honest I'm a little worried, but I know that I'm working towards a goal and I haven't given up yet.  That's all that I can ask of myself.

Tomorrow is also my first attempt at biking to class.  4 miles is a little scary, but I have to get to class somehow and what better way than going for some exercise in the process?  I can't wait for biking to become my daily habit.  Running is for some people, but I have bad knees.  I want biking to be my goal, my love, my choice.  Here's hoping!  And good luck to everyone for the weigh in tomorrow!!!

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