Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Salsa Lover.

I am definitely one of those Americans that just loooooooooooves their ranch, but I have been blessed with the love of salsa even more.  It's my favorite topping on all kinds of foods.  I'm currently eating a turkey salad with a touch of parmesan cheese and 2 different salsas on top!  One is my Black Bean Salsa and the other is a new one I've made (the recipe isn't up because it needs some tweaking) but man is the second one hot!  So not only am I eating a salad, but I'm getting all kinds of veggies on top without having to cut extra stuff up!!!  (I tend to put all my effort into dinner so I get lazy with lunch)

I just had my first day of class and then came straight home to put dinner in the crockpot too!  I'm trying a new recipe for shredded beef that will have a different flavor than my normal recipe.  I'm going to make enchiladas out of it tonight and wonton tacos with the leftovers tomorrow! Yum!

Now to let lunch settle so I can break out that 30 day shred and my fab abs!  Hope everyone's still stayin' strong!!!

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