Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding the Right Breakfast.

Off the topic of working out and on to some nutrition!  I have been tooting my own horn for a whole day now about some banana muffins I whipped up after hours of research on different recipes.  So if you're reading this and you've seen it already, I apologize, but man they're good!

These muffins aren't made specifically for people that work out, they're not super high in protein, they're not fat free, but they're really healthy and still appeal to those of us with a semi-sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast items!

I personally rarely eat anything sweet.  I just don't have that sweet tooth that most people grow up with.  I attribute this to my father getting diabetes during my critical jr. high and high school days.  I lived in a house that was mainly sugar free.  I am not grateful for why, but I am grateful for never really developing or coddling a love of sugary things.  I used to bake a full blown cake for 1 small slice to satisfy my cake craving and then I'd be good for a month on sugar. (the cake would just go to waste)  My new journey through fitness and nutrition has opened my eyes up on the things that are most important in our diets.  So now, when I want my little piece of sugary heaven, I reach for a Dove Dark Chocolate because duh, it's chocolate! and also because dark chocolate is very good for you!!!

So when it comes to breakfast, I usually have a bagel thin with some veggie cream cheese and an egg white, or some cereal like special k or total.  I don't like to get up early to make bfast because I tend to not sleep well.  Last year, I made an awesome muffin base that I played with for a few months.  I would send the boyfriend to work with some and I'd munch on the ones at home and they were awesome!  But they were full of sugar and I got tired of them fast.

Lately I've been buying bananas to snack on after my workouts, but I've been thwarted each time with only 2 or 3 days to consume them before they're too ripe and I have to throw them out!  This is not only a waste of my money, it's a waste of food!!  After a facebook poll of how to keep them fresher longer, a friend suggested banana bread.  This thought had crossed my mind, but I don't have my mom's recipe and to be honest I had never made it before.  So this time around, I pulled all my bananas apart and spread them throughout the kitchen as suggested (they lasted about an extra 3 days) and used the last two to make this gem of a recipe!

These are great for those counting calories because each muffin only has 86 calories! :)  That's my favorite part!!!  They also have the sweets on top, just a dabble of dark chocolate chips.  I hope some of you try them and obviously feel free to alter to your liking.  You might try adding some protein powder to the recipe, or using all whole wheat flour.  But these are wonderful and I can even have a 3rd during breakfast if I'd like because even with my calorie count, that's still only 250ish calories!!

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