Monday, March 11, 2013

New Beginnings I suppose.

Well it seems that the combination of my challenges ending and midterms with school just inspired me to quit pushing so hard with working out.  I fell off the wagon and today is the day to pick myself back up and get it going again.  After 10 days of not working out, but still eating healthy, I've surprisingly maintained my lowest weight I've hit through my rollercoaster of weights in February.  I'm currently 189.6 lbs.

I know the last dietbet didn't go as planned for me and I didn't win any money, but I think I'm going to join the sisterhood's diet bet that will be starting shortly.  Just for some more motivation to get me going again.  It can't hurt.  And maybe I'll actually be able to lose that 4% this time around now that my body has settled on a number for a bit!

There is also the new calendar of workouts for March, even though we're 10 days in...

So I'm back and trying to get going strong again because I actually missed my workout time. :)  Let's lose some more pounds!

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