Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting it in!

What better way to get some exercise in than helping my Chunky Monkey partner from the new year's challenge move into her new place??  I was only able to help for a couple hours but there was lifting and lots of walking back and forth.  :)  Time to sit and play video games for the rest of the day!  Maybe sneak in an arm workout while I make Sopapillas with my shredded beef. (now I know what you're thinking.... Holy not super healthy! But if I don't get to make and eat some of my favorite recipes, I might actually lose my mind.  I don't wanna be boring with healthy food all the time.)

School starts back up tomorrow and I'm gonna have to get back into the routine of school work and getting my workouts in.  But! It can be done and I just need to find a little extra motivation.

Gonna take a stab at trying this ab workout a couple times a week :)

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