Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Week Gone.

Well it's that time again.  Finals are creeping up on me and I find myself slacking in the exercise department a little bit.  It's time to whip my motivation into shape again because I could really use the de-stress time!

The mini challenge over the last week was to walk a mile every day.  I blew that out of the water.  I have a pesky little dog that has to be walked 4-10 times a day or she'll pee on my carpet out of spite.  Plus, my "hike" from the visitor parking lot to my biology classes is just over a mile round trip so 3 days I got at least 2 miles in!

This week's challenge is to keep a food journal.  I use but I have fallen out of love at the time it consumes to enter everything in correctly.  I decided that I'm just going to hand write everything for this week.

Hoping to find the time and the strength to get in these workouts.  I went from 6 days a week to maybe 2 right now and that's just not going to help me slim down.  Gotta find that motivation and encouragement that I had last month!  I know it's still in me somewhere, but I really need to dig deep to find it!  (along with the motivation to post a little more frequently.  I've fallen behind because I didn't want to advertise me not working out as much as I'd like.)

Wishing all the dietbet contestants luck this time around.  I may not be participating but I'm rooting for you all!  Stay strong and keep your goals in sight!

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