Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final Weigh In.

I've never been more frustrated or proud at the same time.  I was .3lbs short on my dietbet weigh in this morning.  I really thought I could win but it's just not meant to be I guess.  But the bright side to it all is I lost a ton of weight this month and It's slowly coming off.  I think it's time to retire the neat idea of dietbets because my body isn't sloughing it off fast enough and I'm tired of coming close but not hitting it.  I think that may actually be hindering me by stressing my body out.

So thanks for the fun times, and I'll stay vigilant in keeping up with the wed weigh ins on the Shrinking Jeans site but I think it's time to focus on me a little bit more because I know that I can do this.  While I welcome motivation of any sort, I think it's time to take the reigns and see where I can go in the next month.

For the year I'm now down 11 pounds and I am feeling good about myself even though I still view myself overweight.  It is a long process to accept oneself and then and even longer one to love oneself.  I'm taking this journey, learning a ton about myself, my body, and my cooking in the kitchen and I don't regret one step of it.  Through the sweat, tears, frustration, and stress, I could never ask for a better journey so far.

Congrats to everyone, not just those that won their dietbets. :) We stuck with it and that's what matters.

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