Monday, April 8, 2013

Technical Difficulties.

Goodness it's been a while but this time I have a real reason!  My computer has been out of commission since Friday because of faulty parts.  So I haven't been logged in to update. :)

Tomorrow is my last chance workout for the dietbet with the Shrinking Jeans! I busted my butt today too :)  Did a 45 min workout on my elliptical (doing interval bursts) and then I lifted weights for my arms workout.  I hope to go out with a bang this time, but if I don't, that's ok too!

We recently acquired a new roommate for the next few months and let me tell ya... It's gonna be a challenge eating around him.  All he ever eats is junk food, frozen food, or fast food.  I've decided that most food types that start with F are WAY bad for you.  I need to remember that I'm cooking for me and the boyfriend and he can eat his unhealthy junk all he wants.  It's just a terrible temptation laying around the house.

Here's to Monday being over, to my computer working for now (still using the old parts because I have to return the faulty parts), and to the dietbet coming to an end!

Just don't overdo it :)

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