Friday, January 17, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Well, here it is, already Friday.  While I'm absolutely grateful this horrid week is over, I am reflecting on my ups and downs.  The major down being I slacked on my blog posts!  I have intentions of posting at least every Sunday and Wednesday but it's been a reaaaaaaaaaaaal funky week for me.  So here it is!  Better late than never :)

I'll start with my recap of week 1 for my accountability chart!  This little gem has really made a huge difference in the way I see my progress.  It's a lot more meaningful to me when I can check something off or color a block in because I met certain goals!  It's a rewarding feeling to look back at the week and say "man, I did great."

So first off let me explain.  I had a water snafu round about Tuesday afternoon.  I had just finished the Bootcamp week 1 day 1, and I was running late to a vet appt for my dog.  I was THIRSTY so I grabbed my blender bottle and shoved it in my purse.  Fun fact.  The top was not closed. Sigh.  So the ink is a little hard to see but it's all still there!  I met my blogging goal (at least once a week) by doing two Scary Journey posts and a new recipe post *BBQ Chicken Bites with Slaw*.  I did an amazing job of keeping up with my calorie counting.  I was under my calories for all 7 days!!  My goal of walking 5 days out of the week was met with flying colors.  And I took full advantage of my 2 days of eating out and cooked at home the other 5 nights. :)  My water consumption and pushups were a success as well!  I'm really proud of my first chart week and can't wait to share this weeks!

I'd also like to share my absolute craziness with Dance Central on my Kinect.  Last Friday night, my cousin and friend came over to play Dance Central with me because c'mon, really, who doesn't love a dance partner!  Keep in mind, I danced after doing my walking at work AND Bootcamp week 1 day 3!!!  Well we had a blast but man was I exhausted Saturday morning!  This is what my fitbit showed me...

Over 20,000 steps in ONE day!!!  I was so proud of myself that I managed to stay THAT active well into the night!  (Think we called it quits around 1am)  Saturday morning we worked out the sore muscles by taking a stroll (3.5 miles) to Jamba Juice and back for a yummy healthy breakfast! :)

 I was able to play a bit with my new pasta attachments on my Kitchenaid as well!  Turns out pasta made with Semolina flour is really good for people losing weight. (in moderation of course)  So I made my famous Chicken Alfredo but with homemade noodles this time around!  Was a ton of fun and can't wait to play with it more!

Now on to what my Wednesday post should have looked like!  And boy am I glad I didn't write it on Wednesday!  So as any Hood lady (or gent) knows, Wed is weigh in day.  I actually stick to this rule even when I'm not participating in challenges.  It's a good neutral day right in the middle of the week when I know my diet hasn't gone haywire. :)  Well I weighed in.  And I lost 0 pounds.  That's right 0. After losing 7lbs the first week, I literally felt like I was living an episode of Biggest Loser.  All I could hear is Jillian saying, "It's week 2, no one loses during week 2."  Which is for the most part true and I get why.  I'm at the point where my body is no longer shocked.  It's going "ooooOOOOOOoooo muscles" and they're developing.  Muscles and fat weigh the same but as you drop the fat, you're toning those muscles so for a few weeks, it can feel stagnant but THAT'S OK!  It's a journey, not a race.  Get there slowly so that you have it down pat by the time you get to the maintenance stage!

Well, I have to say, after all that, I didn't believe my weigh in.  So I did a retake on Thursday.  For a number of reasons.  Anywhoozle.  I got on the scale and I was down 1.8lbs.  I will TAKE IT!  My weekly loss goal on MyFitnessPal is 2lbs a week and that's all I could ask for. :)  So at this point in the game I've lost just under 9lbs in 16 days.

Today, I actually put on a shirt that I couldn't put on and wear in public for the last year.  That felt good.  (Plus it's just a really awesome Mario shirt!)  It's ALL about the little things.  The little victories!  Tightening the belt a little more, feeling smaller inside your shirts.  Each is a win and a lot bigger of a win than most people give credit!  So live it up and recognize the change!

Week 2's mini challenge through the Sisterhood was to list 3 nice things about yourself every day for a whole week.  They suggested creative mediums to showcase them if we so chose.  I decided to go for it!  How often do we compliment ourselves?  Recognize the good qualities?  Not often enough, I can tell you that!  So my completed artwork went on the back of my front door so that I see it every time I leave the house.  I am reminded of who I AM.

I've been going strong on the Jan calendar and the Sisterhood Shot pictures but had to take a week off from the Bootcamp because my workout buddy is really sick and going through some stuff.  We'll pick back up on Monday and I can't wait!!!  I'm also really excited about week 3's mini challenge!  It's all about menu planning and I will be taking pictures of dinner each night to showcase that I did it!

Here's the menu!

(wild card is whatever I feel like since I eat alone that day, and Thursday was dinner out at Native New Yorker)

I think that about sums it all up for now.  I want to thank my mom for listening to me ramble today about my journey so far this year.  She was the last straw to my crazy blog hiatus this week!  I'm glad I have her!

Hope everyone's week has been amazing and hope their weekend goes great as well!  Be safe, Workout in good form, Make healthy choices, and Change for you!


  1. Awesome post. You're killing it girl and staying accountable. It's great to see.
    Love the menu plan, I need to add that wild card bit to mine for more flexibility cause sometimes I need to have a random dinner moment.
    I also love the idea of writing those positive notes to yourself.
    Keep up the hard work, I know it will not be in vain.

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  3. I love the menu boards. Thank you for the credits at the end of your blog. It is wonderful to be appreciated by someone who can set and accomplish their goals so well. Proud of you, Kid!

  4. Kahleel, I love having the wildcard night because there are some foods that I love but don't get as often because my bf doesn't like them! Those things usually come out of hiding from the fridge and join my tummy!!! :) Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Great post. I love your chart. And you are right, this is a journey. You've got this.

  6. Great post. Love all of the things you are doing to keep yourself in check and work with your goals. Nice job!!!

  7. Thanks guys! It's been a much better start to a year than last year! It's all about keeping track and holding myself accountable for what I do or don't do from day to day!!!