Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bringing it on in Week 4

Boy what a week it has been and I can't tell you all how much I look forward to a fresh one!  I was successful, I made myself proud, I injured myself, and I rested.

Here's last week's chart :)

I went out to Chili's to celebrate my 10 pounds lost and managed to eat really healthy!  I even passed on the chips and salsa (just an fyi, my absolute FAVORITE in the entire world outside of my own...)  The next night was New Mexican cuisine with the family.  Every other night I was kickin' it with my kitchen!  I have to say now that I have a chunk of time spent on MFP, I don't find it hard at all to track my calories!!  I hit my 5 days of walking but as usual, slacked on weekend water...  As far as pushups go... Wednesday is when I started to feel more pain in my knee.  So I took it kind of easy on Thursday.  On Friday I alternated real pushups and tricep dips.  Saturday, I sat on my injured butt and took it easy!

I am trying to take things one day at a time with this injury.  I was very pleased to find that after months of no bike rides, all my walking and working out has paid off.  All those muscles I woke up and developed made a huge difference to my experience.  Biking is really good for knee injuries and so I went out today with Zach!  We took care of all kinds of errands and hit healthy pit-stops along the way!  Jamba Juice for breakfast and Subway for lunch :)

 At the end of my 16.7 mile ride :)

That all said and done, I'm trying to assess what I can and can't do.  I will continue to walk at work and I will start biking more.  I had to give up the Boot Camp as well as this month's calendar. :(  This is the best I've ever done in these challenges but it's better to be safe than sorry!

I also had a 24 day workout streak before I had to take a legitimate rest day where I did NOTHING.  I didn't even break 4000 steps for the day!  But I feel it was just what I needed.

Looking forward to next month's 50 mile challenge and I've already printed out my pretty calendar where I can record my miles each day!

I think I will start focusing more on planks and abs in the coming month while I take it easier on my knee.  I will continue to do pushups and tricep dips at work every day/every hour. :)

It's all about mindset.  All about finding what you had all along.  I'm still terrified and utterly sad about this injury.  That doesn't make me any less awesome or strong.  I WILL NOT let this injury define me again.  I will keep going but this time around I hope there will be more answers.  Thank you to everyone with kind words and those that took the time to read about it.  The support means more than you all could possibly know.


  1. Great week...sounds like you have a great plan in place to compensate for your challenges. Those rest days can sometimes be hard to take (I know, I struggle with it) but afterwards I am so glad I did and realize just how much I needed it. Thank you for being inspiring. :)

  2. Knee injuries are such tricky things to deal with! I had to have mine replaced/rebuilt 11-12 years ago and I'm thankful every day that I at least still have my bike!