Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 1 of Yoga

Well, after reading some articles and doing research, I didn't feel fully prepared for my first day of yoga.  I have a few dvds on the way to test out that were recommended to me but in the mean time, I tried out a youtube sequence for beginners.

Ali Kamenova is a yoga instructor that has more than 60 different videos all pertaining to different types of yoga as well as difficulties.  I picked a beginner Hatha Vinyasa video that's just under 30 mins.

Here's the link to the video.

Now, in my reading about food and yoga I read many opinions regarding fasting before yoga or not.  I didn't quite understand.  I'm well aware that working out while food is digesting is not recommended, but man!  3 hours after eating or drinking large amounts of water was still not enough for me.  I found myself almost throwing up in some of the positions (even though they were easy) because I was bending and turning and sucking in the gut, and extending AND through all this, trying to relax.

If this first day has taught me anything, it's that my triceps are mushy as butter on a hot day.  I also managed to pull a very odd muscle somewhere around my left hip.  I don't think I found full relaxation this time around but that had a lot to do with not knowing some of the moves and trying to glance over at the screen from time to time.

I can't wait to do it again to start building the muscles that are weak and to find my center.  This journey has begun, let's keep going!

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