Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PM Yoga Review

What better time to try out a PM yoga routine than after a 12 hour day at work?  I decided that I wanted to see how relaxing the second routine on this dvd actually was.

I must say that it was way more relaxing than I anticipated.  It was very low key.  Focusing on breathing and flexibility most of the time.  It's designed to open your body up and let out the stress from your day and for the most part it did its job.

Here's my problem this time around.  Breathing.  Man oh man, it takes so much concentration and control that I end up straining myself rather than relaxing through the breaths in and out.  I find myself only using my lungs instead of breathing deep in my belly and that restricts my air and strains my lungs.  I know this is something that comes with practice, but right now, it's all I'm noticing rather than the good that's coming from the yoga.

One thing I did learn a while back that helps in the final minutes of a routine is about breathing in pilates.  We were taught how to breathe into our problem areas, sore spots, tight spots, etc.  This comes in handy in most of the more relaxing yoga positions.  Utilizing that breath can make all the difference.

Hope others are still going strong in this challenge and I can't wait to try out another new dvd to see how the styles differ.

As a side note, I've started eating ridiculously healthy out of nowhere.  Way more than when I was TRYING to eat healthy.  My body has been screaming for munchies and sammiches, so I appease it with half a turkey sammich with fat free ranch (since I hate mustard AND mayo).  As far as munchies go, I find myself not wanting chips or junk food as often.  I've started bringing carrots, celery, and cucumbers along with more fat free ranch as my munching food.  It is keeping me super full as my meals are slowly transforming into the smaller more frequent meals that they should be.  Here's my downside that I just CAN'T figure out.  I'm always hungry.  I know when I'm content, or even full, but my body is still telling me it wants to consume stuff.  I normally chew gum to trick my brain into thinking  I'm eating but that just hasn't been doing it lately.  Here's hoping I can figure out why there's such a major disconnect between my brain and stomach.  I'm just glad that I'm eating less junk and more healthy and it wasn't even intentional!

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  1. I want to eat healthy. But junk is so yummy and convenient. :( BTW next time I'm in the valley we need to go out and play. :)