Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 3 of Yoga: AM for Beginners

Well, time to brush off the yoga mat and get back to it!  As mentioned before, I finally got my dvds in to try and I'll be giving a 2 part review on it since it's an AM/PM yoga for beginners.

Right off the bat it's 100 times better than the youtube video that I did two days ago.  It had a slower and more relaxed pace to it.  It was also very forgiving toward modifications if you need them.

The AM starts of with a decent warm up instead of 2-3 mins of breathing.  You go through some breathing and downward facing dog and some planks before moving on to the harder moves that take more concentration and more intentional breathing.  The cooldown was decent as well.  It doesn't end in savasana but you do sit and breathe to focus and get ready for your day.

All in all, I feel much better about this workout.  The moves felt less forced to a beginner.  I only had one struggle and that was in Warrior 3 pose.  My left leg is just not stable enough to handle it yet but it'll come.

As far as muscles go, man my arms hurt something fierce, and it's mostly from the downward dog and not the planks!  My ankle is the other part of my body most affected.  I have a weak ankle with tendonitis on the outside of my foot and yoga tends to pull my foot in rather than it pushing out.  So I may end up needing to wear my brace during the day until my ankle gets stronger or adjusts to the moves.  I can't wait to be sore tomorrow.  To feel the muscle groups that have long been dormant and to know that I'm doing it to better myself. :)

I will be trying the PM half of the dvd after work tonight to see how it helps get rid of stress and helps you find balance after after a long day.

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