Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wed Weigh In and Flow Yoga Revew

Well it's that time again!  The first Wednesday weigh in during the yoga challenge!  I'm proud to say that I'm just shy of losing a pound already :)  I'm in no hurry and I'm doing a much better job listening to my body this time around.  I give it what it wants but I ask of things in return.  It seems to be going great so far!

My weird cravings for healthy food are still going strong.  I'm taking 2.5 cups of chopped veggies with fat free ranch to work every day as well as half a sandwich on TOP of having either soup or a salad for breakfast (lunch for normal people that don't work nights) and then a usually semi healthy smaller portioned dinner.  The snacks and the smaller meals just kinda happened.  I realized that I was making myself sick with my dinners because they were just too much so I cut back and in doing so, it triggered my NEEDS VEGGIES switch inside me.  All in all I'm very pleased so far.  I go to bed happy and I don't wake up starving anymore.

And now.  For the newest attempt at a yoga dvd.  First off, let me explain how I went about buying all my dvds.  Heather from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans wrote an article about yoga poses and I asked for recommendations of dvds.  So I started searching for the ones she suggested, and I started sifting through all the reviews I could find.  Then I branched out by looking at the "we also recommend" section Amazon loves to put on each page to entice you to buy more.  I was looking for beginner stuff since... ya know... it's been like 9 years since I last did yoga!

What I came across was a light smattering of different difficulties and routines for different purposes.  Once I decided on what types of routines I wanted, then I read most if not all of the reviews for each dvd.  The majority of all the reviews seemed to be positive and there were some in super depth about the different moves and how they liked the flow of it, etc.

Today's review is on a Hatha and Flow for beginners dvd.

In reading the reviews written for this particular dvd, I was skeptical to get it.  Everyone raves at how good this guy is.  (He's got at least 4 dvds with this company)  But about every 3rd or 4th review, I'd come across THIS DVD IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!  I just brushed them off like, pfft, you don't know, maybe you're just too lazy for some of the moves!  How wrong I was.

I tried out the Flow segment this evening.  This routine is designed for building muscle, weight loss, strength, etc.  It started out pretty easy, he was very explanatory with the moves, almost step by step what to do with each arm or leg.  This was very helpful!  Then he starts getting into the downward dogs and the chaturangas and the cobras.

Here's where it starts to hit ya.... that you've made a huge mistake.  He's very big on repetitive moves to teach your muscles what to do.  The problem with this is he moves WAY too fast.  You're up then you're down, and up and down.

Then, the harder moves happen.  I didn't mind the warrior poses.  I actually prefer to do those in a nice flowing motion instead of holding it for too long.  After this, it turns into a full blown upside down ab-fest.  My balance isn't there yet.... I can't be on two appendages while throwing the others in the air and then crunching over and over and over fairly quickly.

I had to stop the dvd at 19 mins in when he FINALLY did his first child's pose.  The quick and difficult moves were painful and nauseating. I finished up my 30 mins doing movements from the AM PM dvd to calm myself and relax!

This dvd is NOT for beginners and that's a shame.  I'll probably end up WATCHING the Hatha routine instead of doing it just to see the difficulty level.  This will be a dvd I will need to progress up to but once I get here, I'll have killer abs!

Hope everyone else is going strong on whatever challenge they're participating it, whether it be with Shrinking Jeans or with themselves :)

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