Friday, July 5, 2013


Well it's been a slow week for me.  Even with a holiday in the middle, go figure.  I wasn't able to work out every day this week so far, but I did manage to get in 3 workouts!

Tuesday I did some calisthenics.  Some squats, side lunges, crunches, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc.  I was hoping maybe that would ease the cramping I've had in one of my quads from doing my elliptical on Monday. :(  It didn't, but at least I was up and active right?!

I didn't get any exercise in on Wed but yesterday I did!

Since we didn't have any family plans, and we didn't have access to a grill.... (I know!  A travesty!)  Me and the boyfriend biked to Buffalo Wild Wings to have ourselves some fun with boneless Thursday and happy hour with cheap appetizers for our 4th celebration!  Spent most of our day there and then biked back home. It wasn't much, about 2 miles round trip, but it was me getting up and active! :)

Hope you all got some action in this week and just remember, the week isn't over!  Get up and get moving this weekend! :)

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