Saturday, February 16, 2013

Change it up!

Every good trainer and all the many articles out there will tell you that you should always change up your routine to keep your body on it's toes.  You also have to make sure you're letting different body parts rest and heal up.  That time is crucial for your muscle to repair and build!  In my frustrated journey of not losing weight, I've decided to look deeper into what I'm actually doing and what I CAN be doing to improve my workout even more.

When I'm not biking, I am always getting my cardio in with my mini elliptical machine because it's easier on my knee injury than running.  This little machine is more than awesome.  It's inexpensive, it works your core because there are no handles to rely on, and it's compact!  I recently upped the difficulty (which is a little tension knob in the front so it's not easy to change while running) to challenge myself more.  I did that for a week and still no changes in weight.

My chunky monkey partner works with a trainer two times a week and they have chats about me every once in a while to see how I can fix this weight plateau.  The suggestion of intense bursts during bike rides came up and I realized I should be doing that on the elliptical!  AND I had just recently downloaded an interval timer for when I get the nerve to try HIIT training.  So I'm running super fast for 30 seconds and normal pace for 45 seconds.  I do this for 50 mins!  I've only done it twice but I'm already seeing a difference in my breathing and endurance and how long my heart rate stays up after I'm done.

Just have to put your mind to it and stick with it.  The end result (whenever it may happen) will be more than worth it.

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