Friday, February 22, 2013

Have a Little Fun.

Today was supposed to be my lazy day.  I'm caught up on homework, and I had every intention of sitting at my computer and playing a game all day.  But then I started to think about the things I needed to do... I had to go shopping for dinner stuff to cover the weekend, I needed to work out, I had to clean the kitchen, I'm making BBQ pizza for dinner, and the list seemed to go on.  It's now 3 and I still haven't fired up my game but I feel like I earned a free dollar today with my workout.

I must say, after almost 2 weeks, it's already lookin' pretty full!  But the reason my dollar was free (but yet I still had to earn it with a GOOD workout since I'm having pizza tonight) is because I found it at the store while buying my taco shells!  Instead of spending it or putting it away for a rainy day, I used it to make sure I earned my dollar for the day with my workout. :)

I'm finally enjoying the feeling after a workout (besides the places that get ice packs).  This is a big deal to me because even though my scale isn't showing me numbers I want to see, I am finally noticing a difference in my endurance and determination rather than anger into motivation.  It's not a chore, it's becoming fun and that's the most important thing is to have fun or else you're not going to see the positive.

My dumbbells should be here tomorrow so I can really put my new bench to good use!  (sorry about the traffic cone in the corner)
I'm really excited to be able to add on weight to my strength training.  It's just one more way to switch it up and keep your body thinking about things.  Some days you can do light weights with big reps (20-30) and then other days you can do really heavy weights for small reps (8-10).  The possibilities are endless!

Just remember to get out there and have a little fun while you're kickin' your own ass. :)

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