Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I want my weights!!!!

Well it looks like one more day with the alfredo bottles.  After watching my package sit at Fedex for 5 shipping days, I decided to finally call and ask why it hasn't left the local site.  The lady I talked to was very nice (this is a first with my Fedex experiences) and she opened a ticket to inquire why it hasn't shipped.  Now, this package is my dumbbell set I ordered almost 2 weeks ago that I've been dying to use!  So I'm annoyed to say the least.  An hour later, I get a phone call from some employee at Fedex and the conversation went like this...

him- Hi this is so and so from Fedex, I see you opened a ticket about your package.
me- Yeah that's right.
him- Well I have your box right in front of me.  The bottom fell out of the box in the trailer and the contents were spilled out.
me- *crickets chirping*
him- Can you tell me what was in your package?
me- a set of dumbbells, CAP brand I believe.
him- Great! That's what I got right here.  We'll get that out to you tomorrow.
me- *grumble* Thanks.

They didn't bother to call and ask, but rather waited for me to call to verify what had happened.

The moral of the story? 
#1 make sure amazon uses the right boxes for heavy stuff! :P
#2 time to work off that frustration of dumb people (I know, they're just doing their jobs, but really someone could have contacted me)

So here's to a great Tuesday!  I've completed 1 midterm (only 4 more to go...) and I'm done studying for the day so now I can focus on my workout and dinner!  Making yummy Italian Sausage and Peppers tonight for a nice healthy recovery after a weekend of awesome my Chipotle Shredded Beef.

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