Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh in #7

Well today I learned another nifty fact.  I purchased a digital scale for the first time ever a few weeks ago in hopes that my old scale was lying to me.  This turned out to not be the case, my weight is still fluctuating.  But anywho, back to the fact.  I was not aware that we needed to calibrate the scale every time it's moved.  I have no room in my bathroom so it gets put up after every weigh-in.  Unfortunately I learned this AFTER I had done my Weigh in #7 and it showed me 2 pounds lighter than what it had originally said (so as of this morning I'm at 189.6 lbs).  So remember this fun fact if you didn't know it already!

On a totally different note, I've done some playing around with both of my blogs.  Trying to make them look a little more professional and easier to access stuff.  I find myself loving this world more and more even though lots of people think it's silly.  :)  I'm ALSO about to hit 1000 views!!! How exciting!!!

And last but not least, my bench and step platform came in today! :)  Can't wait to put them together!

Hope everyone had a great weigh in and good luck on the last weigh in next week!  Just remember to keep going.  Don't give up, it's not worth it.

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