Monday, February 18, 2013

No Equipment? No Problem!

Some people slack off and decide they can't workout because they don't have a gym membership.  While a membership would be helpful for weight training, there's tons you can do on your own with nothing but your body weight!  Running, burpees, situps, pushups, crunches, lunges, squats, and all kinds of other things!  The web is swimming in exercise ideas so don't let a lack of a gym give you an excuse to sit on your butt instead of getting up and doing some jumping jacks!
You don't have to work out for over an hour, just 15-20 mins using your own body weight!  It's really good for your body because it works your core and you feel stronger.  :)  Go do something to make you feel good about yourself!

Here are a few of my favorite suggestions for workouts:
Top 10 Abs
Power Abs Workout
Jillian's Ab Workout
Standing Ab Workout (one of my favorites!!)
Tight Butt and Legs
The Booty-Camp Workout
Hot Legs HIIT video (This girl has an AWESOME daily HIIT website)

My favorite part is that you can pick and choose what exercises are right for your body and go from there! :)


  1. Okay, gonna play the dummy card. What's a "burpee"? And "HIIT"?

    Yeah, yeah, Google can tell me, but I'm lazy. Never mind the fact that it probably took me longer to type this (and to verify the LMGTFY link) than it would have to just search for it myself.

  2. HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. You do as many of one exercise as you can for 50 seconds and then rest for 10. Usually do about 5-6 different moves and then repeat the process 3 times.

    and as for a burpee.... Here's a video... It's too hard to put into words.