Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Toys!!!

Well it's only appropriate to post this just after my no gym post.  I did it.  I spoiled myself with at home gym equipment!  I'm so excited!!!  It should all get here by either thursday or friday.  I went two weeks weighing my options of a gym membership versus equipment I can use at home any time I wanted.  I got an awesome deal on everything too!

It all started because I'm currently using bottles of alfredo for weights.  And while this is an awesome use of my pantry, I don't have much else in the house that's heavier and that easy to hang on to.  So I was going to buy a few hand weights.  But those suckers are like 5-10 bucks a piece per weight!  So my first item is a dumbell set.  Each goes up to 40 pounds!
This month is the Gun Show calendar given by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  One of the exercises are tricep dips or "chair dips."  I don't have any chairs that are wide enough to use for these and I find a squishy couch a difficult task.  So my next investment is a bench!  Now, there are all kinds of benches out there and most, if not all, of them are outrageously priced.  But I found an absolute steal on amazon for an adjustable bench that also has leg holds for crunches and situps, as well as hangers for weights! (girl not included) :D
And last but not least, I finally broke down and bought a stepping platform.  It was a small purchase compared to the other two, but I'd like to add more aerobics to my workouts instead of relying solely on cardio through biking or elliptical.
I can't wait to try all my new stuff and incorporate even more into my exercising every day!  But remember! You don't HAVE to have equipment to work out!!!

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