Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm not sure if it's that V-day is just a few days away, or that we're 1/3 of the way into Feb, or just the fact that I'm slacking on homework, but today has been a trying day.  I'm at the point of frustration and wanting to give up again.  I have seen virtually NO results in 6 weeks other than a smaller waist (that still doesn't fit any pants I own).  My weight keeps fluctuating between 196 and 191 and I have no good explanation for it. I'm bustin my butt 5-6 times a week.  I do cardio that burns at least 550 calories each time and I alternate arms and legs on top of that.  I'm eating healthy, I've cut my calories, I have TONS of veggies in my fridge.... I just have NO idea why I can't lose any weight.  I'm doubly frustrated that at this rate I won't win the dietbet because there's no way I can lose over 10 pounds this far into the month since my weight flip flops more than a fish out of water.

I am in serious need of motivation or help or a smack upside the head.  I don't WANT to stop trying but I'm becoming more discouraged every day and I feel like that's going to not help me much.  The only good thing that's come out of this is I don't HAVE any binge food even if I wanted any. :)


  1. One of the reasons that I joined the walking group at work was because your blog inspired me to get up and do something about my gut. All I'm doing so far is walking every day, but that's 7,000 more things than I was doing before.

    Don't give up. Remember that you're doing this to improve your own life, not because you want to win some bet.

  2. Water! Drink lots of it! Also, make sure you're eating a well-balanced diet, not just less calories. I also swear by Chia seeds -full of fiber (which we all know helps excrete that "other" weight). ;) Good luck!

  3. I know there are a lot of mixed reviews on the military diet but I did it once in January and have been dropping pounds since. It helped me kick a lot of my cravings I used to have on a daily basis. I can't get motivated in the workout area but with my diet I have seen real changes.

  4. I'll have to look into that. I've never heard of it before. Thanks everyone for the helpful words :)