Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roller Coaster.

Emotions.  I've been through a lot of them in the last 6 weeks.  This is the first time I've stepped up and said I need to make a change in my life regarding health and fitness.  I struggled with hunger pangs when I cut my calories, stiffness in my muscles when I started working out, headaches from caffeine withdrawls, tears when I didn't lose weight in a week, frustration when I cheated on my diet... you get the point.  I have been on a roller coaster of emotions and today I hit acceptance and then went to pissed off.  Motivation, whatever form it comes in, is a blessing.  I'm angry that my diet and working out isn't showing on the scale but I know that there are changes in my body for the better.  So I'm using this anger to fuel me even more in my journey.  I'm even more determined to work out and eat healthy just to show my body who's boss.  I must thank my brother for helping me get to this realization.  He seems to always give me the perspective I'm desperately in need of at the time.

That all being said, I'm coming down with a nasty cold and I know you're not "supposed" to work out when you're sick, but it's not gonna get me down!  I still managed to bike the round trip of 8 miles for class today and tomorrow I will get up and kick some cardio ass.  To all those out there struggling, or searching for answers, sometimes there aren't clear answers until you hit every explainable wall out there.  My motivational words for the day comes from my Halls cough drop wrapper: Be unstoppable.


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